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We like to have a good time as much as anyone, but we do value our city and everyone's safety. Below are Cycle Pub's policies, please review them prior to booking your tour.

Alcohol Policy

Cycle Pub’s permit allows groups to enjoy beer, wine or cider while in motion aboard our bikes or Tuk Tuk. Cycle Pub will strictly enforce the following:

Alcohol is PROHIBITED on any of our tours if any guest is under 21 years of age

If all guests are of legal age, you may bring the following:

Big Bike: Maximum of TWO 64oz growlers of beer or cider and TWO 750ml sized bottles of wine at any time

Small Bike: Maximum of ONE 64oz growler of beer or cider and ONE 750ml sized bottle of wine at any time

No substitutions allowed

Growlers must be brought empty and can be filled at your first stop, then refilled while out on tour. Wine bottles must be brought unopened. Growlers may be filled at any stop

Individual cans or bottles are NOT allowed

Alcohol MAY NOT leave the bike at any time, and cannot pass from any premises we stop at to our bike unless in growler(s) or wine bottle(s) that are properly purchased, sealed and stowed

Bring your own non-glass cups as Cycle Pub is not permitted to supply them to tour groups. We recommend traditional pint glass shaped or 18oz plastic options for the best cup-holder fit

Cycle Pub has a zero-tolerance alcohol policy for its drivers. Drivers shall not consume any alcohol while on-duty. If you would like to report a complaint about a driver for possible violation of this policy, please call (541) 728-3444.

Cancellation Policy

Prior to 14 days from your scheduled tour, you may cancel with a full refund of payment or reschedule with no penalty

If you cancel your tour within 14 days of your scheduled date/time, 50% of payment will be forfeited

If you reschedule your tour within 14 days, there will be a 10% processing fee

Cancellations or rescheduling within 48 hours of your scheduled tour time or no-shows at the time of your tour will forfeit entire payment

For cancellations by Cycle Pub for weather or safety related reasons, you will receive a full refund or credit to book at a future date

Any tour canceled by Cycle Pub for violations related to our Zero Tolerance policy will forfeit all payment and subject to a $500 fine.


If you have additional questions about our rules or policies, contact us at

Zero Tolerance Policy

Cycle Pub has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for poor behavior by any guest while on Cycle Pub tours. Foul language, abuse of equipment, rowdy and disruptive behavior, littering, intoxication, and disrespectful behavior toward our drivers or other patrons are just a few circumstances where your tour will be immediately terminated, without refund.

Any violation in accordance with this policy during the course of your tour is subject to a $500 fine and charged to the booking holder.  

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