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Who we are

Bend, Oregon is known for cycling and world-class microbreweries. Cycle Pub gives you an opportunity to enjoy these two passions and create an experience you and your fellow riders will never forget. Appearing much like a trolley or cable car, we add a twist - riders provide the horsepower by pedaling this passenger "bike" while enjoying the various sights, sips and attractions of Bend. Our best description: it's a rolling pub on wheels, that you pedal.


Sure, Bend is a fantastic craft beer town, but there is so much more to see and do. Over the years, we've had countless groups experience Bend in a whole new way...scenic tours, wine tours, family friendly outings and even photography tours. Bring us your ideas and willingness to burn a few calories and we'll see to it that you have a great time know matter how you choose to spend it!

Big Bike

On our Big Bike, there's ten pedaling seats, two passive seats and comfy bench for two on the back for a total of fourteen seats. Features of our Big Bike include cup holders, overhead storage, a sound system and adjustable seats. Big Bike tours require a minimum of 8 riders to get rolling and can accommodate up to 14 riders total.

Small Bike

For smaller groups we offer our 6 seat work of art, the Small Bike. Quick, nimble, easy to pedal and a fantastic way to see the sights of Bend with family and friends. Our Small bike is a bit more intimate than our Big Bike so it's perfect for groups of 4-6.

Tuk Tuk

For decades, Tuk Tuk has been the primary form of transportation in magical lands such as Thailand and Malaysia.

Now, Bend has it's very own electric Tuk Tuk that can be enjoyed while seeing the sights and tasting the suds around town! The Tuk Tuk has a larger range than our pedal bikes so we can get out and see more! But what about wine they say? Wine lovers rejoice, you can now enjoy custom wine tours on our electric Tuk Tuk. No pedaling required, just sit back, take in the sights and enjoy Bends wine scene.

*All our tours are 2 hours in durations and are only booked as private group tours. Minimum 12 years of age to ride

What to bring

  • If everyone in your group is over the age of 21 then please refer to our Alcohol Policy on our Policies page for more information on enjoying beer, wine or cider while in motion

  • If not investing in our Cycle Pub Silipints, then something pint glass shaped works best with the cup holders on our bikes. Please be sure your cup of choice is a non-breakable option

  • We provide a growler caddy to secure your growlers but if you would like to bring a small cooler onboard to keep things cool, you are more than welcome to do so. The cooler should only be filled with ice and your growlers.

  • Appropriate footwear. Flip-flops or high heels might work, but are discouraged

  • Phone or camera to capture moments in action

  • Your game face for the uphills (we do a little work)

  • Your smile and open arms for the downhills!

What to Expect

  • The entire bike for your private 2 hour tour.

  • Professional Bike Pilot & Guide

  • Tour highlighting Bend sights and more

  • Music to keep your pedals pumping

  • Growler caddy to secure any beverages in motion

  • Bins & baskets for any personal belongings or merch you pick up on the way

  • Plenty of honks and waves as you cruise the town. Yes, you're famous for 2 hours

  • Check out of FAQ page for answers to your additional questions

No No's

  • Tours will not launch if your group size does not match our minimum/maximum guests per bike. (Small is 4min/6max) (Big is 8min/14 max)

  • Individual cans or bottles of beer or cider are NOT ALLOWED. All beverages must be from growlers or wine bottles. Growlers can be filled at most stops along the way.

  • Hard alcohol is NOT PERMITTED onboard our bikes at any time

  • Smoking or vaping is NOT PERMITTED within 10 feet of our bikes or any Oregon business

  • The consumption of cannabis products while on our tour or at any stop along the tour is NOT PERMITTED due to OLCC laws and regulations

  • Riders under 12 years of age are not allowed to ride aboard our bikes

  • Please ask about service animals prior to booking a tour

  • Confetti of ANY kind or form or messy party supplies are NOT ALLOWED. Please keep our city clean

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