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Got questions? We got answers

  • What is a Cycle Pub tour, where do we go and what do we do?"
    Cycle Pub is a unique touring vehicle that offers a memorable lap around town to enjoy the sights and sounds of Bend along our pre-determined routes. All tours are professionally guided to help your group enjoy their moments in motion. Groups do not have to be into beer, wine or cider to enjoy the fun aboard Cycle Pub, there are tons of sights to see and places to stop along our routes that are family friendly too!
  • What are the minimum and maximum number of riders per bike?
    Bike Bike = 8 minimum / 14 maximum Small Bike = 4 minimum / 6 maximum Tuk Tuk = no minimum / 6 maximum
  • What if our group is larger than the maximum rider count?
    While our Big Bike is pretty darn big we realize that sometimes headcounts grow larger than our Big Bike’s maximum guest capacity of 14 riders. When this happens we receive the common request to still have a group ride all together by combining multiple reservations together. Unfortunately, many of the establishments Cycle Pub might visit while out on tour are already extremely crowded and not suited for the fast influx of an extra large group that tours combining multiple vehicles brings so we DO NOT OFFER COMBINING ANY TOUR TIMES TOGETHER. ALL TOUR TIMES ARE LOCKED IN ON OUR SCHEDULE AND WE ARE UNABLE TO SHUFFLE LAUNCH TIMES AROUND TO OFFER SIMULTANEOUS LAUNCHING OF TOURS. There is always a 30 minute buffer between ALL bike tour launches. These staggered launch times help to keep traffic flowing on the streets of Bend and also help to keep the lines down at the pubs and spots we go to since the establishments we visit cannot accommodate large groups over 14 guests arriving all at once. Larger groups are welcome to spread their party out over various bikes if needed but please remember that the launch times will always be staggered. We love that you want everyone to be part of your pedaling crew and greatly appreciate your understanding that sometimes there are limits to what we can offer larger groups touring with us in order to prioritize safety concerns while balancing community impact issues.
  • Should we tip our guide?
    That’s up to you, but we say… “If you enjoyed your ride, be sure to TIP your guide!” Don't have cash? No problem, all our guides accept Venmo.
  • What hours does the Cycle Pub run?
    If Central Oregon weather allows us to hit the road then our Big Bike, Small Bikes, and Tuk Tuk tours are offered 7 days a week year round. To check available tour times simply begin making a booking to launch our online calendar. If you would like to book a tour within 24 hours of a scheduled launch time you can email us at or call us at (541)728-3444.
  • Does Cycle Pub mix and match groups to fill a bike?
    No, because each bike is booked as a private tour, we do not mix and match groups together to fill a bike.
  • What food and drink can we bring?
    Snacks are a great way to power up your group but remember to keep them mobile friendly. You can pack a picnic to enjoy along the way or grab something to go from a food truck or restaurant along the route. Water and other non-alcoholic hydrating beverages are encourged. Please refer to our Policies page for guidelines on alcohol.
  • What should I bring for my tour?
    Cycle Pub provides your guide, your touring contraption and the slew of jokes and fun facts while your group supplies the pedal power any mobile-friendly food you might want to power up your group and any beverages you might like to enjoy on tour. Our Big Bike has ample overhead storage for purses,backpacks and more but storage on our Small Bikes is very limited. Also remember: Cups. Non-breakable cups, if not investing in Cycle Pub Silipints or Cycle Pub SiliPint Wine Tumblers Appropriate footwear (flip-flops or high heels might work but are not always the best option) Water or other non-alcoholic hydrating drinks Phone or camera Your “game face” for uphills Your smile for the downhills
  • Is there music on the tours?
    Your guide will supply an ambient soundtrack for your group to enjoy while touring around town but if someone from your group would like to DJ your mobile moments then we reserve a seat just for them. As long as your DJ keeps the tracks community friendly they can let the grooves flow! (Please remember some of our later scheduled tours may require some sound level adjustments in order to enjoy the evening hours on the road.)
  • Can you just pick us up at our hotel, Airbnb, or favorite brewery?"
    Unfortunately no. Since our bikes are crazy heavy contraptions we just can’t move them around without you and the horsepower provided by your group. We can always refer you over to one of many of the transportation providers serving Central Oregon to set up shuttle service for your group with.
  • What if I have a group of 7?
    While our Big Bike needs a minimum of 8 riders and our Small Bikes have a maximum capacity of 6, you can book a Small Bike and our Tuk Tuk and have similar tour start times. Please keep in mind you will need to make two separate bookings to do this.
  • Can we choose our stops?
    The best way to enjoy a Cycle Pub outing is to plan your trip on the fly with your guide as your tour rolls out. Our guides know Bend and its offerings really well. Some stop options work great to send in a scout team for a growler while other stops are the perfect fit to grab snacks and a drink inside. Check with your guide about what options are available the day of your tour and let them know any strong preferences, we will try to accommodate.
  • Is transportation back and forth to Cycle Pubs launch site included with the tour?
    Transportation to/from Cycle Pub’s tour launch site is NOT included but you can easily set up pre/post tour transport through our preferred provider Sunriver Towncar. Their stylish & comfortable rigs easily handle larger groups or smaller crews too! Reach out to them directly to make your reservation or to receive a quote for services from anywhere in Central Oregon.
  • Do we need to craft an itinerary before arriving for our tour?
    Nope...We supply a guide so you don’t have to worry much about making plans or plotting courses around Bend. When you check in for the tour your guide will help customize a fun plan to rally your group around. We find the best tours tend to keep their group on the move to enjoy the time on our bike between stops.
  • Can I bring party favors?
    You are more than welcome to bring community friendly party favors but NO CONFETTI / CONFETTI CANNONS or messy party supplies..etc to avoid leaving a mess around Bend. Also, all decisions made by your guide when making the call if certain decorations will or will not be allowed in regards to community standards, safety or sight line issues are final!
  • Is beer, cider, and wine legal on the Cycle Pub?"
    Yes! Yes it is. While we are permitted to have beer, cider, and wine aboard our beautiful equipment, there are some very strict laws and rules we are olbigated to enforce. Please review our Alcohol Policy.
  • Does 'anything go' on the Cycle Pub?
    As you probably already guessed…absolutely not! We love our city and want you to love it too. The Cycle Pub offers a fun and novel approach to touring Bend, some of the city’s best breweries, wine bars, restaurants, shops, sights and more. Please, respect your guide, our bike, and the City of Bend because groups that do not will have their tour immediately terminated without refund, see Cancellation Policy.
  • Are kegs allowed on board?
    NO...just no. Please refer to our Policies page for our Alcohol Policy.
  • Do all riders need to be over 21 years of age?
    If ANY alcohol is on board, then yes, all guests must be 21 or older and will be id checked before departure. Our equipment is family friendly for kids 12 years old or older (OR helmet laws apply) and appropriate stop options can certainly be accommodated with a mixed aged group.
  • Can I just jump on when I see the Cycle Pub rolling by?
    For obvious safety reasons the answer is NO. Our bikes are reserved as private group tours and we do not offer per seat options or any hop on hop off style outings. What if a guest offers for me to hop on and join them? The answer is still NO.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    Please refer to our Policies page for our Cancellation Policy.
  • How do I book and pay for a tour?
    From our home page, click on any “Book” button under the appropriate tour you'd like to book. This will navigate you to our booking where you can select the date/time you would like to book a tour. Once you pick your tour date/time, fill in your personal and payment details to head to checkout. Please be aware that our reservation system does not allow for partial payments and will charge your purchasing card the full amount at checkout and your payment in full is the deposit for your reservation. Please refer to our cancellation policy for more information on how refunds are processed when applicable.
  • Can I reschedule my tour?
    We understand that life happens. We'd be happy to reschedule your tour provided you do so prior to 14 days of your scheduled tour. If you need to reschedule within 14 days of your scheduled tour you will be charged a 10% processing fee. If you need to reschedule for any reason please call us at (541)728-3444.
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